Gerardo Molina in Radio France

Videos are the most important testimony of my unforgettable artistic life moments. Following are links to some of my performances as orchestra soloist, international recitals, local concert and studio recordings as well as our family ensamble music.

Sincerely I hope you like them

Gerardo Molina

Performances as soloist of Mexican Orchestras: Michoacan Symphonic Orchestra, Zapopan Symphonic Orchestra and the Puebla Philharmonic Orchestra.

Soloist Performances


Performances in Paris, Fr (Radio France), Nize, Fr (Regional Conservatory), Munich, Ger (Geistag Culture Forum) and Krasnoyarsk, Russia (Asian Pacific Festival Piano Gala)

International Performances I

International Performances II

International Performances III

Here I include the remarkable artistic experience of "Camerata 22" clips, performed at National Arts Center in Mexico City, produced and broadcasted by the cultural TV channel 22, the XV Puebla University Piano Season recital performed on July 2016 and other performances in Mexico.

National Performances I

National Performances II

Chamber duet performances with my wife in memorable times.

Chamber Duet Performances

Piano clips from works I use to practice at my studio.

Home Videos

Home made videos of our familiar trio. We play together several international music styles for social events.

Family "Stretto" Trio for Social Events

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