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2018 Concerts in Canada updated

2018 Concerts in Niagara Region Venues have been updated in the Schedule Tab


Musical activity in Canada updated in 2017 schedule

Concerts to be performed at the Niagara Region of Canada in 2017 have been updated inside the 2017 schedule tab.


MP3 recordings of "Empeoror" concerto from Nov 19 added

MP3 recording tracks of Beethoven "Empeoror" concerto from Nov 19 performance with the Puebla Philharmonic inside the Auttum Season have been added inside the "Recordings" Section


Video Clips of "Empeoror" concerto from Nov 19 added

Video clips of Beethoven "Empeoror" concerto from Nov 19 performance with the Puebla Philharmonic inside the Auttum Season have been added inside the "Soloist" Videos section.


Nov 19 Beethoven tribute podcast

Performance of the Philharmonic "5 de Mayo" from November 19th in Puebla city at the "Reforma" auditorium can be heard on line in from pueblafm local internet radio station. Click the "PODCAST" link inside my "Schedule" page item corresponding to the Nov 19 concert.


Beethoven Tribute coming on Nov 20 in Mexico City

A Tribute to Beethoven will be performed by Philharmonic "5 de Mayo" in Mexico City, conducted by Fernando Lozano at "National Center for the Arts" next Sunday November 20th 1:30PM with outstanding pieces: "Egmont" Overture, "Empeoror" 5th Piano Concerto and 5th Symphony. Gerardo Molina, piano.


Beethoven Tribute coming on Nov 19 in Puebla

A Tribute to Beethoven will be performed by Philharmonic "5 de Mayo" in Puebla conducted by Fernando Lozano at "Auditorio de la Reforma" next Saturday November 19th 6PM with outstanding pieces: "Egmont" Overture, "Empeoror" 5th Piano Concerto and 5th Symphony. Gerardo Molina, piano.


Audio Tracks from Cervantino and Camerata 22 added on Sept 29th

Audio tracks from Camerata 22 broadcasted on August 2013 and Rachmaninov 2nd Concerto performed at "Cervantino" Festival with "5 de Mayo" Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Fernando Lozano, on October 2013 have been added to the "Recordings" Section.


New Video Clip Performances in France added on Sept 28th

Video Clips of Performances in Radio France on July 2008 and Nize Fr on July 2009 have been added into two new pages: "Videos->International Performances II" and "Videos->InternationalPerformances III". Both recitals were part of the "pianestival" itinerant International Piano Festival organized by the french pianists Julien Kurtz and Dominique Xardel.


Audio Recordings Uploaded on Sept 27th

Several audio tracks from historic performances have been publicated in the "Recordings" Section. These come from 2003 Paris Competition Finals, 2005 Boston International Piano Competition, 2008 Radio France piano recital, 2009 Regional Conservatory of Nize piano recital and duet performance with Thierry Goldwaser.


MP3 Chopin and Rachmaninov recordings in on Sept 26th

Tracks of live recordings from Chopin and Rachmaninov piano concertos performances included in "Recordings" section have been uploaded into the mp3 file sharing service. Those are referenced by links in my site that lead to the mp3 track in a new window. You just have to click the play button to hear the recording once the track comes out after clicking the desired link.


Rachmaninov 2nd piano sonata at "Miguel Aleman" Foundation uploaded on Sept 23rd, 2016

Rachmaninov's 2nd piano sonata performance clips have been uploaded inside "Videos->National Performances I". It was included in my recital at the "Miguel Aleman" Foundation Library on January 2015 in Mexico City. The piano of this place is an old (arround a century aged) Steinway grand in excelent condition and the entire place is inspiring for the beautiful building as well as the antiquities related with mexican history and President Miguel Aleman's life.


2013 Performance at Camerata 22 uploaded on Sept 22nd, 2016

An artistic work that definetively has touched my life was the Camerata 22 live video produced on August 2013 by the mexican TV channel 22. I really thank Mtro Fernando Lozano for the invitation and the great artistic and technician team for producing and broadcasting this piano work set, performed at the Narional Arts Center in Mexico city, which includes Chopin Ballade Num 1, Ravel Gaspard de la Nuit, Horowitz "Carmen" Fantasy transcription on the Bizet opera, Liszt Paraphrasis transcription on a Verdi's Rigoletto opera aria and the famous mexican waltz "over the waves" (sobre las olas) by Juventino Rosas transcribed by Jose Rolon. Clips are included in "Videos->National Performances"


2013 "Cervantino" Rachmaninov 2nd Concerto Performance uploaded on Sept 19th, 2016

An unforgettable experience for me have been uploaded inside "Videos->Soloist Videos" section. It includes 4 clips with the complete 2nd Rachmaninov's piano concerto Op 18 performed on October, 2013 at the "Asuncion" Church in Guanajuato Mexico inside the "Cervantino" International Festival 45th edition. My great honor was to play with the Philharmonic "5 de Mayo" of Puebla, conducted by the wonderful Mtro Fernando Lozano, a solid and historical institution in orchestral conduction in Mexico. Clips were professionally produced by the mexican cultural TV channel 22.


May 2015 Chamber Duet performance at "Miguel Aleman" Foundation uploaded on Sept 18th, 2016

Chamber Duet performances with my wife, Marcela Lagunas, uploaded:
I am delighted to include a new video link in my "Videos->Chamber Duet Performances" page of my chamber duet performances with my wife Marcela Lagunas, cellist, in memorable times. Since we met together and started playing we noted a profound musical affinity. Along time passed we found this affinity complete in our lifes.


Oct 2015 Rachmaninov 3rd concerto recording uploaded on Sep 8th, 2016

Tracks from my performance with the Puebla Philarmonic Orchestra "5 de Mayo" have been uploaded. This concert took place in the Puebla City "Reforma" auditorium on October 10, 2015. I had the great honor to have Guillermo Salvador as guest conductor. I worked hard during 2 years preparing this big and challenging piano concerto, one of the most difficult in the piano literature. My premier performance was an unforgettable experience and definively it is my big desire to find more opportunities to perform this concerto and get improvement.


Sep 8th trio concert at "Chapultepec" Forum

Yesterday night I performed with Balbi Cotter, violinist and Jan Zalud, cellist at the "Chapultepec" Forum in Mexico City with a great Petrof concert piano. This is the fourth of six performances being done between August and September for "Bellas Artes" (Beauty Arts) in several important culture centres in Mexico. In all of them, people is informed about the composition styles, musical instruments characteristics and background of the works presented. The Beethoven "Ghost" trio Op 70 Num 1 is remarkable for its beauty and profound spiritual sense in the second movement.


July 2013 memorable concert recording at "Degollado" theater uploaded on Sep 8th, 2016

Tracks from my performance with the Zapopan Symphonic Orchestra, conducted by Guillermo Salvador on July 31, 2013 were incorporated in the "Recordings" Section. These recordings come from the XII anniversary celebration concert of Zapopan Orchestra at the beautiful "Degollado" Theatre of Guadalajara, Jalisco.


Oct 2004 Chopin 2nd Concerto live recording from Paris uploaded on Sep 6th, 2016

Tracks from my performance with the Republican Guard Symphonic Orchestra, conducted by Francois Boulanger on October 2004 at the Invalides Church in Paris, Fr were incorporated in the Recordings Section. These recordings of the Chopin 2nd Piano Concerto were produced by Radio Classique, one of the most important broadcasting radio stations in France, from the Gala Evenning celebrated with four winners of editions of the Paris Piano Competition.


15th Piano Season concert clips included on Sep 6th, 2016

Piano Recital excerpts from August 25th, 2016 were added to the "Videos->National Perfornaces" Videos Link, including Beethoven "Pathetic" Sonata, Ravel "Gaspard de la nuit", Chopin Sonata Num 4 and Liszt "Mephisto" Valse Num 1. This recital was performed at the Symphonic Hall inside the University Culture Centre on August 25th